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Many tourists from other places must go to Gulangyu when they come to Xiamen. Now after the ticket of the Xiamen-drum route is changed, they will go to the island by boat from the original Lujiang Road ferry terminal to the Dongdu cruise terminal and Haicang Songyu Wharf.

However, some uninformed tourists who came here were fooled by people such as “raker”, “scalper party” and “Wild leader” in Ferry Pier and Dongdu pier, and were carried around the circle, then it costs several times more than the normal fare to go to the island. Generally, foreign tourists take the ferry company passenger ship to return to Gulangyu boat tickets between 30-50 yuan, and the scalpers charge 80-100 yuan, making a big difference.

Recently, the reporter of the guide made an unannounced visit to this as a tourist and found that there are quite a few foreign tourists who are cheated every day.

Several routes for scalpers to fool foreign tourists


Scalpers charge tourists

I didn’t sit on the leased line, and I lost 48 yuan.

Location of unannounced visit: Ferry Terminal

Many crowded ferry docks are tourists dragging suitcases or carrying backpacks.

“Are you going to Gulangyu? This is the dock where citizens go to the island. Tourists have to go to the East Ferry to take a boat.” Seeing the reporter of the newspaper guide dressed by tourists, a middle-aged woman wearing a hat came to greet her warmly. Later, he took out another publicity picture printed with the words “Gulangyu Special Line”, saying that this was the special line for the ferry company to Gulangyu, which could go soon and only cost 80 yuan for round trip.

After a few steps, I met a man wearing the “Gulangyu special line work permit” on his chest, saying that he could take bus No. 51 to Dongdu Xia drum dock, but there were many people on site who wanted to book online, you can’t buy a ticket, “pay 80 yuan and ID card to ensure that you have a boat immediately”.

Registration, payment, but no receipt invoice, only received a sticker with turtle pattern as a voucher. The reporter of the guide and the 40 tourists who bought high-priced tickets together, under the leadership of a “Huang Guide”, did not get on the bus, but walked to the first terminal passenger station, then he took a boat for more than 10 minutes to Haicang Songyu Wharf. A colleague of “Huang Dao” took the tourist ID card to buy tickets. “Huang Dao” counted the number of people, plus 80 people brought by his colleagues. Some waiting tourists found that they were not Gulangyu and had a dispute with “Huang Dao. At this time, the “Huang Dao” colleague bought a good ticket, so he boarded the ship and went to Gulangyu, the destination.

Before boarding the ship, a Miss Li from Henan noticed that the ticket price from Songyu Dock to Gulangyu was only 30 yuan, and realized that she was cheated. In fact, if tourists take the same route, the ticket from the first pier to Songyu pier is only 2 yuan, plus the 30 yuan from Songyu pier to Gulangyu, it is only 32 yuan, and “scalpers” will take you, I easily earned 48 yuan.

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