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The reporter recently learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Xiamen city that since 18 departments including the municipal Development and Reform Commission, the municipal state taxation bureau and the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau jointly carried out joint punishment for serious dishonesty in the tax field of Xiamen city, all departments have acted quickly. At present, 10 departments have been responsible for Xiamen Zhenhua Energy Co., Ltd., Belinda (Xiamen) Petroleum Co., Ltd., Benyuan (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd, xiamen Tongan Xiangshun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Hengsheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and other five parties involved in major tax violation cases took joint disciplinary measures, which made the dishonest “a breach of credit, restricted everywhere”. (Reporter Liu Yuhan correspondent Li Chunni Ye Jiehua)