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Recently, the General Office of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of Xiamen municipal government issued the work plan of Xiamen city on improving and upgrading the second phase of software park and its surrounding areas to promote the pilot project of innovative community construction in our city. This means that Xiamen has a new plan to build innovation and entrepreneurship space in the second phase of the software park and its surrounding prime areas. The reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Xiamen city that the plan aims to build the second phase of Xiamen Software Park into an innovative community with demonstration and leading role and form a replicable experience. From 2016 to 2018, the renovation of the surrounding sites of the park will be completed and the innovation space will enter normal operation.

According to the plan, the second phase of software Park will set up entrepreneurship and internship platforms for college students by organizing college students’ entrepreneurship training camps, college students’ entrepreneurship competitions and other activities to attract outstanding college graduates to find jobs and start businesses. The plan points out that the second phase of software park will give priority to the development of scarce resources such as office space, apartments, talent policies and government support funds to leading enterprises to support the development and growth of leading enterprises. At the same time, promote the listing of leading enterprises and support the listing and financing of leading enterprises in multi-level capital markets such as Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

Facing the crowded traffic conditions, the plan points out that the second phase of the software park will develop public transportation and open several bus lines to connect the second phase of the software park with the main public transportation hubs inside and outside the island. At the same time, encourage leading enterprises to flexibly open peak commuter buses; Encourage carpooling in the park and establish carpooling platforms; Adjust and improve the traffic operation lines inside and outside the park to improve traffic efficiency; Use vacant land around the park, construction of parking lots, etc.

According to the plan, before the end of 7 months, the upgrading project in the software park will be basically completed, the surrounding space of the park will be expanded simultaneously, the transformation main body and innovative unit operation partners of the relevant space will be implemented, and the transformation plan will be determined. In August, the renovation and decoration of related places around the park entered the site for construction. At the end of this year, the renovation and decoration of some places were completed, and the organizational structure of innovative space was formed, which began to attract creators to settle in. (Reporter Liu Yuhan intern Wu Cheng correspondent Li Chunni)