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Shells found in the construction site.

At more than 7 o’clock yesterday morning, a waste shell was found in the first work site of Cai Yi village, Xindian Town, Xiang’an.

At that time, site inspectors found a piece of iron product exposed to the ground. The workers thought it was a waste of iron block, and they were ready to dig it out. After they cleared the soil around them, they found that the “body” of iron block was a little big and shaped like a shell. Wantou received the alarm on frontier police substation, and the police evacuated the workers in time and pulled up the warning line. According to expert appraisal, the iron block is indeed a waste shell with a diameter of 15cm, a length of about 55cm and a weight of 45kg. Due to a long time of seawater erosion, the fuse of the shell has fallen off, but the body is intact and there is still the possibility of explosion.

The person in charge of the construction site said that the shells were probably pulled out of the submarine shells by mud mining vessels operating offshore and then discharged into the silt pool. If they were not transferred as soon as possible, with the vibration of the surrounding pile driver, shells will fall into silt, causing potential safety hazards to construction personnel.

At about 8 a.m. yesterday, the police first transferred the shells from silt to unopened land, and then handed them over to relevant professionals for disposal.