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Yesterday evening, the traffic police sealed two lanes of Xiamen Bridge and rectified illegal driving on the bridge by electric bicycles and motorcycles. This is the second time that the police sealed the bridge chamocha “electricity” after checking the Jimei Bridge in June “.

18:45, the action officially began. Electric cars and motorcycles crashed onto the bridge. Only one minute, 129 cars “hit. However, the traffic police did not investigate immediately. “Now the traffic is too large. In order to ensure the safety of electric car owners, it cannot be stopped.” The police at the scene explained.

As traffic flow decreases, traffic police take temporary bridge sealing measures to investigate and deal with electric vehicles and motorcycles. A total of 61 departments were investigated and dealt with yesterday evening.

It is reported that the bridge and tunnel brigade of Xiamen traffic police detachment dispatched 60 police officers and 5 trailers.