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[Introduction]: 4000 garbage sorting collection points have been added in Shanghai. If citizens have any comments on garbage sorting transportation routes, please call 12345 for feedback.

In order to strengthen the management of classified collection and transportation of domestic waste in Shanghai, the classified transportation routes of domestic waste in Yuexiu district, Haizhu district, Liwan district, Tianhe district, Baiyun district, Huangpu district, Huadu district, Panyu District, Nansha district, Conghua district and Zengcheng district are announced, complaint reporting phone number 020-12345. This information disclosure includes information such as the transportation unit, license plate number, transportation frequency (times/day), collection period, transportation mode, transportation route or area of garbage transportation.

Shanghai added 4,000 garbage sorting collection points

By the first half of 2020, Shanghai has optimized and set up about 15,800 classified and centralized collection points, including 4307 centralized collection points for kitchen waste and 8047 centralized collection points for other waste, there are 254 temporary concentration points of hazardous garbage and about 3175 recycling points of recyclable materials. 1841 special vehicles for domestic waste transportation are put into operation, and 1487 classified transportation lines are optimized. Among them, there are 295 transportation lines for kitchen waste and 355 transportation vehicles; 1192 other garbage transportation lines and 1405 transportation vehicles; 81 transportation vehicles for hazardous waste shall be collected by appointment or inspected; recyclable materials are collected and transported by the municipal supply and marketing cooperative association and enter the recycling network of renewable resources. The above centralized collection points, transportation routes and transportation vehicles will be continuously optimized and improved with the advancement of domestic waste classification collection and transportation, and will be announced regularly.

On July 17, 2019, the urban management department once disclosed the information of garbage classification transportation routes. According to statistics, as of the first half of 2019, there were about 11,700 classified collection points in Shanghai. Among them, there are 1670 centralized collection points of kitchen waste, 200 transportation routes and 275 transportation vehicles; 9837 centralized collection points of other garbage, 1121 transportation routes and 1573 transportation vehicles; there are 181 centralized collection points of hazardous waste and 11 transport vehicles.