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[Introduction]: is the rural housing area filled in the construction area or homestead area in the census? Which certificate data do you want to refer?

Rural housing construction area:

When calculating the construction area of rural housing, it is necessary to fill in the construction area instead of the Homestead area. If there are vouchers such as house ownership certificates, you can fill in them by referring to the vouchers; If there are no relevant vouchers, estimate the actual construction area and fill in them.

Rural kitchen and toilet problems:

In some rural houses, the kitchen and toilet are not in the house but in the courtyard. The kitchen or toilet in this kind of yard is counted as the kitchen or toilet in the house. Public toilets in the village do not have toilets.

What will be done if the census objects do not cooperate?

Article 30 of the national census regulations stipulates:

If the census object refuses to provide the information required for the census, or provides untrue and incomplete census data, the statistical agency of the people’s government at or above the county level shall order it to correct and criticize and educate.

Those who hinder census agencies and census personnel from carrying out census work according to law and constitute violations of public security management shall be punished by public security organs according to law.