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[Introduction]: Are there many people in Macao National Day 2020? Zhuhai and Macau tour is likely to become the “hot money” of this national day “.

Macao tour will become the national day “hot money”! Macao, as the first outbound destination to officially resume opening up, has irreplaceable attraction. He predicted that Macao’s tourism industry would have an excellent opportunity to recover before the full recovery of overseas tourism.

Wang Chen, deputy general manager of Shanghai Youth Travel, said that after the resumption of full customs clearance, through the upcoming National Day golden week, plus the recent 0.29 billion pataca coupons issued by the Macao government for mainland tourists and various local discounts in Macao, zhuhai and Macau tour is likely to become the “hot money” of this national day “.

“The overall duration required to apply for endorsement has increased significantly compared with that before the epidemic, and except for the residents of Shanghai province who have resumed handling Macao tourism endorsement earlier, the number of residents in other regions in China who have successfully applied for endorsement is limited.” Su Yingshan, executive deputy general manager of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao travel headquarters of Lingnan Holdings, said that due to the influence of supply and demand, the hotel price in Macao this year’s National Day holiday is only about 30% off the same period in previous years, the “Golden Week in History” belonging to Macao is coming soon.

Shanghai to Macau endorsement booking channel

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