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[Introduction]: When is the deadline for self-reporting in Shanghai’s seventh national census? The 7th National Census self-reporting time is from October 11 to November 5, 202020.

The Seventh National Census of Shanghai will start at 0:00 on November 1. The new registration information method of “self-filling” has been added to the census to encourage residents to fill in the information independently. Residents only need to scan the QR code to fill in the relevant information. The seventh census can adopt the online self-declaration method, which can be declared independently. The self-declaration has a time limit, and it needs to be carried out through special declaration channels. Citizens and friends can choose to declare independently.

Deadline for self-reporting in Shanghai’s seventh national census: November 5, 2020

Self-filling time: October 11, 202020-november 5

Self-reporting platform: WeChat mini program of “self-reporting test training for census”

Self-reporting process:

1. Enter the census filling entrance (census self-filling test training mini program)

2. After entering the page, we must fill in the household items first, including household type, residence type, housing area and number of living rooms.

3. After filling in the household project, fill in the personal information of the household members. Please fill in the order of “head of household → spouse → children → other individuals”.