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[Introduction]: Do I have to be at home in the 2020 census? Do you need to come back from a business trip in other places during the census?

The census survey and self-reporting began on October 11. Some people worry that if the census taker comes to the door, he is at work and not at home, will he miss the census? Do I have to be at home in the 2020 census?

The census is conducted on a household basis. As long as there is one person in the family, you can fill in the information of other residents. Therefore, the family members who go to work and are on business do not need to come back. In case, when the census taker enters the household, there is no one in the family, and the family does not choose to fill in the report independently, the census taker will leave an appointment form and an appointment number, residents can make an appointment according to their commuting time and the census taker’s appointment time, or they can call the census taker to make an appointment time.

There are still a lot of people concerned that the official household census work starts from 0:00 on November 1. Will the census taker knock at the door in the middle of the night? Citizens don’t have to worry about this problem. After the first census, the census takers have basically mastered the situation of residents in the communities under their jurisdiction. They know which households are at home during the day, which households have people at night, and which households have relatively large mobility. Therefore, “zero” is only the standard time for the launch of the census operation. The registration time for households will still be determined according to the actual situation of everyone. Household Census usually starts in the morning. The census in the early morning was mainly for vagrants. A “pull-net” census will be conducted for people who have no place to live, such as street tramps and beggars, and one person will be registered.