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[Introduction]: Do you need nucleic acid testing when you arrive in Shanghai on October Green Island? Nine new positive cases were added in Qingdao, and nucleic acid tests were conducted overnight in the city!

Nine new positive cases were added in Qingdao, and nucleic acid tests were conducted overnight in the city! On October 11, 20202020, the Qingdao city of Shandong province health committee reported that 9 new nucleic acid test results were positive, 4 were confirmed cases and 5 were asymptomatic infected persons. All of them are highly associated with the city Chest Hospital. At present, Qingdao has formulated and started a full-staff testing plan, which covers the whole city within 5 days.

Do I need nucleic acid tests when I arrive in Shanghai in October?

If it is from the Middle risk area of Qingdao to Shanghai in the past 14 days, nucleic acid testing should be carried out on the day when the spike is applied; If the personnel from the low risk area of Qingdao come to the spike, nucleic acid testing is not required. On October 12, Qingdao designated the post-Loushan Community where the chest hospital is located as a medium risk area, and the risk level in other areas remains unchanged.

If you have returned from a low-risk area in Qingdao in the past 14 days, we recommend that you apply for a health code as required, report to the unit or community actively, and do your own health protection and self-health monitoring. Within 14 days, try not to take public transportation, attend parties, and try not to go to places with closed space and dense personnel. If there is any discomfort such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, etc., immediately report to the unit or community, wear a disposable medical surgical mask to the nearby fever clinic for medical treatment, and truthfully inform the doctor of his Qingdao residence history.

Qingdao epidemic risk level:

High risk: 0

Medium Risk: Community behind Loushan

Low risk: other areas in Qingdao

Why is the nucleic acid test result valid for 7 days?

The validity period of nucleic acid detection is set to 7 days, which is mainly considered from the transmission and epidemic rules of coronavirus, especially the incubation period, usually, the incubation period of covid-19 virus infection is mostly 3 to 7 days, some people will be shorter than 7 days, and some people will grow up to 7 days. From observation, the length can reach 14 days, so 14 days is regarded as a deadline for isolated observation of close contacts.

How to deal with positive nucleic acid test?

The detection organization shall notify the detection object of the detection result in a timely manner.

For those with positive test results, direct network reporting, epidemiological investigation, epidemic disposal, etc. shall be carried out according to regulations. Social testing agencies shall timely report the information of those with positive test results to the disease control agencies of the county (district) where they are located.

Confirmed patients are immediately transferred to designated medical institutions according to regulations, and asymptomatic infected persons are observed in centralized isolation medicine according to regulations. If clinical manifestations occur during observation, they should be transferred to designated medical institutions in time, timely revision after diagnosis.

All regions should reasonably set up isolation points based on counties (districts), so as to ensure that all separation and receivables should be collected.

(The above measures are for reference only, and the specific provisions are subject to the Shanghai Municipal Health Committee. The official hotline: 020-12345)