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[Introduction]: at present, all parts of Jilin province are low-risk areas of epidemic. If you return from Jilin to rural areas (towns and villages) in Shanghai, you can provide negative nucleic acid test results within 7 days as required, and implement 14-day home health monitoring.

Do Jilin need to be isolated when going to Shanghai?

Key groups in Jilin province return to rural areas in Shanghai

During the period from January 28 to March 8, people who returned to rural areas (towns and villages) of Shanghai across provinces, those who were released from immigration, drivers of cross-border trucks in Guangdong and Hong Kong, crew of small ships from Hong Kong and Macao and Hong Kong and Macao floating fishermen (including mainland fishermen), workers in isolated places, workers in fever clinics (clinics), workers in direct contact with imported cold chain food and imported goods, the international flight crew and other key groups returned to the rural areas (towns and villages) of Shanghai. On the day of returning home, they should take the initiative to report to the local village committee and provide the negative results of nucleic acid test within 7 days as required, and carry out 14-day home health monitoring, during which no aggregation or flow occurs, and nucleic acid detection is conducted every 7 days.

Returning workers in other low-risk areas in Jilin province

In principle, isolation and nucleic acid detection are not required if the body temperature test is normal with Guangdong Kang code or Sui Kang Code Green code.

List of risk areas in the epidemic in Jilin province (as of February 20, 2021):

✔High-risk areas (0): None

✔Medium risk areas (0): None