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[Introduction]: On November 9, Yingqian village, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai was promoted to the middle risk area. In the past 14 days, people living in travel in areas at risk of the epidemic have come to the ears to receive community health management.

Do Yingqian village, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai need to be isolated when returning to Shanghai?

Shanghai Pudong New Area Zhuqiao town Yingqian village risk area to Shanghai regulations: Before entering the ear, you need to provide a negative certificate of effective nucleic acid test within 7 days, or accept nucleic acid test after heading. At the same time, report to the local community after entering the ear, accept community health management, and implement home isolation according to specific conditions.

On November 9, Shanghai reported a confirmed case. The patient had symptoms of cold and cough around November 5, and was found in the fever clinic on November 8. Since April 8, he has been engaged in handling work at the cargo station of the west district of Pudong Airport. His residence is Yingqian village, Jiangzhen community, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area. On November 9, Shanghai listed Yingqian village, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area as a medium-risk area.

In addition, according to the requirements of Shanghai epidemic prevention and control headquarters, relevant personnel in medium-risk areas cannot leave Shanghai in principle, and those who really need to leave Shanghai need to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days.