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[Introduction]: Shanghai is a hot city for the 8-day holiday destination of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the National Day of 2020. So do you need nucleic acid tests to travel to Shanghai on National Day 2020?

Do you need nucleic acid tests to travel to Shanghai on National Day 2020?

Domestic travel to Shanghai

1. Low risk areas in China

Nucleic acid detection: no need

Anyone who comes to Shanghai from a low-risk area with a normal body temperature and holds “Guangdong Kang Code Blue code” or “Suikang code blue, green code” does not need to be isolated for 14 days.

2. High-risk areas in China, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Nucleic acid detection: Required

From the high risk in China and Macao to Sui personnel need to submit a valid nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Sui personnel to implement full coverage of free nucleic acid testing. In addition, during the centralized isolation of personnel in high-risk areas, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the cost of accommodation and accommodation shall be paid by themselves. Among them, before entering Macao, you must complete nucleic acid testing, apply for “Macao health code” and “Guangdong health code”, and convert “Macao health code” to “Guangdong health code” to obtain customs clearance certificate.

According to the epidemic risk inquiry system of the State Council, as of September 28, 2020, there were 0 high-risk areas in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, all of which were low-risk.

Travel abroad to Shanghai

Nucleic acid detection: Required

Foreign nationals (including transit passengers) who enter the ports in Shanghai area are all isolated from medical observation on the spot, and nucleic acid detection is carried out, and the expenses of accommodation and accommodation are paid by themselves.

The background of “Suikang code” is blue (the code holder uses the intelligent terminal to generate it by himself) or green (the code holder is generated by the co-resident relatives, village residents committee, property enterprise staff, etc.).