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[Introduction]: Tianjin is currently a low-risk area. You need to show the health code Green code. The body temperature test is normal and can travel, live, and work normally without isolation.

Do you need to be isolated when you come back from a business trip in Tianjin to Shanghai?

➤ personnel from low-risk areas come to ear

Tianjin is currently a low-risk area in the whole region. You need to show the health code Green code. The body temperature test can normally travel, live and work without isolation.

➤ personnel from medium-risk areas come to ear

To carry out “four ones” for the people who come to (return to) Guangdong in medium-risk areas since April 30, 2021to issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry and check a health code, at the same time, a nucleic acid test was carried out. And do a good job of home health monitoring within 14 days (starting from the time of leaving the middle risk area), and do not go out if necessary. Specific arrangements suggest consulting the three-person group of the destination community.

➤ personnel from high-risk areas come to ear

For those who have lived in areas with high risk of epidemic in the past 14 days, they should report to the local health department, contact the centralized isolation point designated by the community or unit for 14 days, and in the first, nucleic acid detection was performed in 14 days.

Reminder: The policy will be updated at any time. Please consult the destination community before leaving. For more information, please cooperate with the three-person group.

What are the clinical manifestations of covid-19?

Covid-19 is mainly characterized by fever, dry cough and fatigue. Some patients take smell, taste loss or loss as the first symptom, and a few patients are accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea. Mild patients can show low fever, mild fatigue, olfactory and taste disorders, etc. without pneumonia. Some patients have no obvious clinical symptoms after being infected with novel coronavirus. Most of the patients have good prognosis and a few are in critical condition, which are mostly found in the elderly, patients with chronic underlying diseases, women in late pregnancy and perinatal period, and obese people.

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