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[Introduction]: As of December 11, 2020, Group 8, Taiping village, piguan Street, Lidu district, Chengdu, Yong’an village, Changchang town, Group 2, xichi community, Xipu Street, Lidu district, the second and third phases of China Railway Orville in the pineapple community of piguan Street are medium-risk areas. In principle, people returning to the ear from the risk areas in Chengdu YUDU district need to be isolated at home for 14 days.

Do you need to isolate the epidemic in Chengdu YUDU district to Shanghai?

According to the guidelines for the normalization of prevention and control of covid-19 epidemic in communities in Shanghai Province (III) personnel Health Management, Shanghai is implemented in accordance with provincial regulations.

1. Implement personnel classification management. Each community and relevant units shall issue notices, conduct risk assessment on personnel according to the situation in advance, and conduct classified management:

(1) for those who have lived in areas with high risk of epidemic in the past 14 days, they should report to the local health department, contact the centralized isolation point designated by the community or unit for 14 days, and in the first, nucleic acid detection was performed in 14 days.

(2) In principle, for those who have lived in areas at risk of the epidemic in the past 14 days, they have been observed for home isolation medicine for 14 days since they arrived in Guangdong, and nucleic acid testing was conducted on the day they arrived in Guangdong. Strictly implement the medical observation requirements of home isolation and consciously accept community management.

(3) for people from areas with low risk of epidemic, normal body temperature detection can travel, live and work normally.

(4) the discharge certificate and the release of isolation notice shall be approved for the patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, close contacts, and those who come to the area with high epidemic and medium risk in this province.

List of high-risk areas in Chengdu YUDU district (as of 22:00 on December 11, 2020)

High-risk areas: None

Medium-risk areas:

1. Taiping village, piguan Street, Qidu District

2. Group 8, Yong’an village, tangchang town, Qindu District

3. Phase II and Phase III of China Railway Orville, pineapple community, piguan Street, Lidu District

4. Group 2, xichi community, Xipu Street, Lidu District