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[Introduction]: during the epidemic, those who arrive at Shanghai Baiyun airport by plane from China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) need to check their body temperature and show electronic health codes such as Sui Kang code or Yue Kang code.

Do you need to show a health code to Shanghai Baiyun airport in China?

Personnel arriving at Shanghai Baiyun airport from China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) need to check electronic health codes such as “Guangdong Kang code” or “Sui Kang code” to detect body temperature after getting off the plane. Passengers with green code and normal body temperature (less than ℃) do not need isolation and nucleic acid detection.

From October 17, 2020, Baiyun airport checked the “health code” for all domestic passengers entering the port “. So far, all passengers entering and leaving Baiyun Airport need 100% “bright code” to pass. The vast number of passengers on site expressed their understanding and cooperation, and passed in an orderly manner.

In order to further ensure the safety of passengers, Baiyun Airport will check the “health code” of domestic passengers entering Hong Kong from now on “. That is to say, in addition to the health code (mainly for outbound passengers and staff) required at each entrance to the terminal, this measure further covers domestic inbound flights. After arriving at the passenger to get off the plane, show the health code at the exit arrival lounge of the two terminals, and the staff will check it as “green code” before passing through. If the health code of the passenger shows “red code”, the airport medical staff shall conduct a body temperature test before further processing.

Baiyun Airport added more than 300 health codes (including Sui Kang code, Yue Kang code, and national code) signs at the arrival lounge check-in luggage extraction turntable and each exit to facilitate passengers to scan the codes in advance.

In order to solve the situation that some domestic inbound passengers do not have electricity or the elderly or children do not wear mobile phones, Baiyun Airport sets up information registration forms at the domestic exit, the on-site staff will guide the above passengers to register the information and then leave.

Shanghai Suikang code-there are three background colors, namely blue, green and red.

Red Code: The background is red, indicating that the person holding the code belongs to the quarantine personnel at home, centralized quarantine personnel, close contacts, suspected patients, confirmed patients, nucleic acid positive personnel or key epidemic areas, it is necessary to accept epidemic prevention and control management according to relevant regulations.

Blue Code: The background is blue, which is generated for the person holding the code to claim, indicating that the health risk status of the person holding the code is normal.

Green Code: The background is green, which is generated by others, indicating that the health risk status of the person holding the code is normal.

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