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[Introduction]: in order to effectively prevent epidemic, currently, personnel coming to Shanghai from high-risk areas in Xinjiang need to cooperate with epidemic prevention staff for nucleic acid testing. People who come to Shanghai from low-risk areas in Xinjiang can work and live normally if they hold the health code Green code and the body temperature test is normal.

Do you want to do nucleic acid testing from Xinjiang to Shanghai?

According to the official website of Shanghai provincial health committee, guidelines for the normalization of prevention and control of New Coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai provincial communities:

In the past 14 days, those who have lived in areas at risk of the epidemic in Xinjiang should take the initiative to report relevant information to their communities (villages), units and hotels, implement the “four ones” health management measures, that is, issue a health notice, carry out a health inquiry, check a health code, carry out a nucleic acid test, the medical observation of home isolation was carried out for 14 days since the beginning of the heading.

For people from low-risk areas of Xinjiang epidemic, those who hold “Guangdong Kang code” green code or “Sui Kang code” blue and green code and have normal body temperature test (less than ℃) can travel, live, work.

Note: The specific isolation and nucleic acid detection measures shall be subject to the regulations of Shanghai Health Commission, and the Shanghai government service hotline is 020-12345.

➤ hongdun residential district, gaichang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang

Since 22:00 on December 12, the epidemic risk level of hongdun community in Gaochang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang is set as medium risk, while the epidemic risk level of other regions in Gaochang district and other counties in Turpan city is set as low risk.