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[Introduction]: hongdun community, Gaochang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang has been adjusted to a risk area in the epidemic since 22:00 on December 12. According to relevant regulations, in principle, domestic isolation medical observation is required for 14 days for medium-risk areas to Shanghai.

Do you want to isolate hongdun community in Gaochang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang when going to Shanghai?

Shanghai isolation policy shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of Shanghai province. According to the official website of Shanghai provincial health committee, guidelines for the normalization of prevention and control of New Coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai provincial communities, the health management requirements for personnel at various risk levels are as follows:

For those who have lived in the risk areas of the Red Shield Community in Gaochang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang in recent 14 days, in principle, they began to observe the medical isolation at home for 14 days since they arrived in Guangdong, and conducted nucleic acid tests on the day they arrived in Guangdong. Strictly implement the medical observation requirements of home isolation and consciously accept community management. For people from low-risk areas of the epidemic, they can travel, live and work normally with the green code of Guangdong Kang code or the blue and green code of Suikang code.

➤ hongdun residential district, gaichang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang

According to the relevant requirements of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council, the epidemic risk level of hongdun community in Gaochang district, Turpan city, Xinjiang will be set as medium risk from 22:00 on December 12, 202020. other areas in Gaochang district, the epidemic risk level of other counties in Turpan city is set as low risk.