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[Introduction]: from high-risk areas in Heilongjiang, nucleic acid and isolation are required according to Shanghai laisui policy. Four policies from low-risk areas in Heilongjiang need to be implemented, requiring nucleic acid detection but not isolation.

The latest news: From October 8th to October 20th, Shanghai implemented the following nucleic acid detection and inspection measures for all people from outside the province (returning). [View details]]

Does Heilongjiang need to be isolated from Shanghai?

At present, there are high-risk areas in Heilongjiang. According to the regulations of Shanghai CDC for high-risk areas in China, it is necessary to isolate high-risk areas in Heilongjiang from Shanghai. In addition, those who have lived in Harbin city, Heilongjiang province since September 7, and all the “red code” and “Yellow Code” personnel of Suikang code must go to the residence committee (Village Committee) at the first time, report to the work unit or the hotel where you live.

It is recommended that citizens arrange travel reasonably. If it is not necessary in the near future, do not travel or travel to Heilongjiang province and Fujian province. If you really need to go there, please report to your neighborhood committee (village committee) and work unit in advance and do personal protection.

National risk level query entry: http://m.gz.bendibao.com/news/yqdengji/

Regulations on coming to high-risk areas: September 24, 2021-october 20

Implement “centralized isolation for 14 days” for those who live in areas with high and medium risks (starting from leaving the prefecture-level city), in 1, 4, 7, 10, nucleic acid testing was carried out on the 14th day, and double sampling was carried out on the 14th day.

Implement “home isolation for 14 days” for those who live in areas (counties) with high and medium risks. (the time starts from leaving the prefecture-level cities), in 1, 4, nucleic acid testing was carried out on the 7th and 14th days, and double sampling was carried out on the 14th day.

For those who have local positive cases in prefecture-level cities but have not increased the residence history in risk areas, they will be given yellow codes and “two inspections in three days” (24 hours interval) and 14 days of home health monitoring (the time is calculated from leaving the local positive case prefecture-level city), and nucleic acid testing is performed on the 7th and 14th days respectively.

For people from other provinces who have an epidemic in China, they are implementing the “four ones” (sending a health notice, conducting a health inquiry, checking a health code, and conducting a nucleic acid test) on the basis, 14 days self-health monitoring was added. Plus-sized the prevention and control of the epidemic at traffic stations. If there is a local epidemic in other cities in China, the risk of spillover will be assessed and the nucleic acid detection measures of “two stations and one” will be implemented.

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