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[Introduction]: the isolation rule from Kashgar, Xinjiang to Shanghai is that people from low-risk areas hold a health code Green code. If the body temperature test is normal, no isolation is required.

➤ personnel from low-risk areas in Kashgar, Xinjiang

According to the relevant entry regulations issued by the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission, people from areas with low risk of epidemic in Kashgar, Xinjiang come back to Guangdong with a health code Green code and normal body temperature test, there is no need to do nucleic acid detection and isolation when returning to Shanghai.

➤ personnel from medium-risk areas come to ear

To carry out “four ones” for the people who come to (return to) Guangdong in medium-risk areas since April 30, 2021to issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry and check a health code, at the same time, a nucleic acid test was carried out. And do a good job of home health monitoring within 14 days (starting from the time of leaving the middle risk area), and do not go out if necessary. Specific arrangements suggest consulting the three-person group of the destination community.

➤ personnel from high-risk areas come to ear

For those who have lived in areas with high risk of epidemic in the past 14 days, they should report to the local health department, contact the centralized isolation point designated by the community or unit for 14 days, and in the first, nucleic acid detection was performed in 14 days.

Reminder: The policy will be updated at any time. Please consult the destination community before leaving. For more information, please cooperate with the three-person group.

Expansion: leaving Shanghai policy

According to the “notice of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters on strengthening the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work (No. 23)”, the negative certification requirements for nucleic acid detection from the fringe and out of the province will be canceled from 0:00 on July 3, 2021.

Traffic stations such as highways, railways, civil aviation, ports and docks should strengthen the guidance of people flow to avoid the gathering of people. Check the temperature of passengers entering port of entry and exit (including airport), highway bus station and port passenger station, scan the code and enter the station; Check the temperature of passengers entering the railway station, subway station and bus station supporting the external transportation hub; the traffic station and means of transportation shall be cleaned and disinfected as required; The personnel entering the traffic station and taking the means of transportation shall wear masks, and the staff shall do a good job of personal protection.

Travel agencies should strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control when organizing team travel from Guangzhou and Zhejiang provinces, and not go to high-risk areas and implement closed and controlled management areas, members of the above-mentioned Regional Resident history are not allowed to join the group within 14 days.

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