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[Introduction]: at present, Shanghai Baiyun International Airport has added more than 300 “health code” signs. The “health code” checked includes Sui Kang code, Yue Kang code and national code.

Does Shanghai Baiyun airport recognize Yukang code?

At present, Shanghai Baiyun airport has added more than 300 health code signs (including Sui Kang code, Yue Kang code, and national code) at the arrival lounge check-in luggage extraction turntable and each exit, it is convenient for passengers to scan the code in advance.

From October 17, 2020, Baiyun airport checked the “health code” for all domestic passengers entering the port “. So far, all passengers entering and leaving Baiyun Airport need 100% “bright code” to pass. The vast number of passengers on site expressed their understanding and cooperation, and passed in an orderly manner.

In order to further ensure the safety of passengers, Baiyun Airport will check the “health code” of domestic passengers entering Hong Kong from now on “. That is to say, in addition to the health code (mainly for outbound passengers and staff) required at each entrance to the terminal, this measure further covers domestic inbound flights. After arriving at the passenger to get off the plane, show the health code at the exit arrival lounge of the two terminals, and the staff will check it as “green code” before passing through. If the health code of the passenger shows “red code”, the airport medical staff shall conduct a body temperature test before further processing.