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[Introduction]: Do Shanghai need to be isolated when returning from abroad in October? Do people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in our country need to be isolated when entering Shanghai in October?

Does Shanghai need isolation when returning from abroad in October?

Centralized isolation personnel: Hong Kong and Taiwan personnel, all inbound personnel from abroad

The epidemic situation outside China has intensified, and Shanghai has built a solid defense line for prevention and control. At present, Shanghai has implemented centralized isolation medical observation for 14 days for all overseas immigrants including Hong Kong and Taiwan in China, and all of them have been tested for nucleic acid. In addition, since 6:00 am on July 15, 2020, the personnel entering Shanghai province from Guangdong-Macao port will no longer be subject to centralized isolation for 14 days of medical observation.

Within 14 days after entering Macao, the entry personnel must log on to the “Guangdong health code” every day and use the “Hong Kong and Macao immigration personnel health declaration” function to declare their personal health status. The prevention and control measures are as follows:

First, the line of defense for health control of inbound flights reminds relevant countries to carry out strict health monitoring on all departing personnel, and it is strictly forbidden to register infected persons and suspected victims;

Second, the port pass moves forward to the defense line, and the customs, border inspection and other departments strictly do quarantine and information sharing;

The third is the defense line of health management. After the centralized transfer of inbound personnel, all of them have implemented centralized medical isolation observation.