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[Introduction]: according to the regulations of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, those returning to China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers), all on-site centralized isolation medical observation for 14 days +7 days community health monitoring.

Does Shanghai still need isolation when returning home?

Required. According to the regulations of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, continue the overseas epidemic input prevention and control policy, and the inbound personnel from Shanghai ports (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers) are treated equally, regardless of destination, strictly implement the closed-loop management measures of 14-day centralized isolation medical observation +7-day community health monitoring, and carry out nucleic acid tests on the 1st, 7th, 14th and 21st days after entry, centralized isolation and accommodation costs are self-care.

Instructions for centralized isolation

I. Adhere to isolation without separating people’s hearts, strengthen humanistic care, and use the methods of establishing WeChat groups, voice calls, video connections, etc. to smooth communication channels for isolated personnel, and effectively conduct psychological counseling for centralized isolated personnel, emotional communication, do a good job of stable control of isolation personnel.

Second, do a good job in living security such as diet and heating for the isolation personnel, solve the practical difficulties of the isolation personnel in time, and let the isolation personnel feel the temperature of Yuyi.

III. Organize forces to purchase materials according to the standard, deliver them to the quarantine personnel free of freight, ensure the basic living needs of the quarantine personnel, and work together to share the difficulties.

4. Eliminate isolated areas according to standards and requirements every day, so as to prevent and control dead zone free and leave no dead spots.

V. Pay attention to the privacy protection of isolated observers, treat each other with courtesy, treat each other with sincerity, respect personality and do not discriminate, protect privacy and do not publicize it.