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[Introduction]: Does Shanghai’s seventh census charge? The Census Taker will not charge any fees when conducting the census.

Does Shanghai’s seventh census charge?

At present, the country is conducting the seventh census, but there have been many fraud cases based on the seventh census. Remind the general public that the census takers will not charge any fees or ask for personal property information during the census. If the above behaviors are suspected of fraud, the public can call the police quickly!

It is suggested that after verifying the identity of the staff, everyone actively cooperate with the census work!

It is understood that the census is carried out every 10 years. Since the founding of New China, it has been successfully carried out six times. The census is not only to find out the total population, but also to find out the population structure and distribution, which also provides the basis for formulating and perfecting policies such as education and employment. The census takers work at home in two links, namely, mapping and registration. Residents can choose to fill in their own way, which is also the first time to adopt it.