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[Introduction]: On November 11, Shanghai Municipal Health Committee reported that a woman’s nucleic acid test was positive during the home isolation period. So should she come to Shanghai before and after November 11 be isolated?

Have you been to Shanghai around November 11 to be isolated?

On November 11, Shanghai Municipal Health Committee reported that a woman was tested positive for nucleic acid during home isolation. Since then, the risk level of the epidemic in Shanghai has not changed, and it is still a low-risk area. Most areas in China are aimed at people in low-risk areas, the implementation holds the health code “green code”, and the body temperature test can be normal for normal travel, life and work. It is recommended to consult the community where you want to go. The government service hotline across the country is area code-12345.

Epidemic prevention regulations in low-risk areas in Shanghai:

For people from low-risk areas of the epidemic, they hold electronic health codes such as “Guangdong Kang code” and “green code”, and their body temperature can be tested normally to live and work normally.

1. Wear masks scientifically. Disposable medical masks should be kept with you; Office and workshop personnel should ensure effective ventilation and ventilation, and the working staff should keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter.

2. Pay attention to hand hygiene.

3. Strengthen indoor ventilation.

4. Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of key places.

5. Garbage removal.