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[Introduction]: those who have been to the high-risk areas of Haixuan community in Dongjiang port district, Tianjin in the past 14 days will change color Hai Jian Kang code on the head of the ear.

Have you been to Tianjin and come back to Shanghai, will the health code change color?

According to the principle of science and precision, according to the research and judgment of the municipal prevention and control headquarters, Tianjin has adjusted Hangu Street, Hangu Street, Central Fishing Port Cold Chain Logistics Zone A and Zone B into low-risk areas from 24: 00 on November 24. From 2: 00 on November 20, 202020, Haixuan small area of Tianjin Dongjiang Port Area will be designated as a high-risk area, and the risk level of other areas in Tianjin will remain unchanged. For those who have been to the high-risk areas in Tianjin, the Shanghai health code will turn red.

Shanghai health code-“Sui Kang code” will be marked with three background colors: blue, green and red.

Red: home quarantine personnel, centralized quarantine personnel, close contacts, suspected patients, confirmed patients and nucleic acid test positive personnel, the background of personal “Suikang code” of six categories of people, such as those who are in severe epidemic areas, is red, and you can check the reason why the mark is red and the guidelines for removing the red mark.

Shanghai health code-“Guangdong health code” is divided into “red and green code”, the key population of epidemic prevention and control is marked as “red code”, and “green code” can be used throughout the province.

Red: The background color and QR code of the key population for epidemic prevention and control are red. Refers to confirmed or diagnosed positive persons, suspected cases, close contacts, high-risk Guangdong personnel in the epidemic area, centralized isolation population, and home isolation personnel.