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[Introduction]: On October 16, Shanghai Huadu found a case of asymptomatic infection. How was it infected? The infected person did not contact the quarantine personnel according to the standard protection.

How did Shanghai Huadu find a asymptomatic infected person infected?  

According to the report of Shanghai health committee, on October 16, 202020, Huadu district of Shanghai reported a case of asymptomatic covid-19 infected people imported overseas. The infected person Wang Mou, male, 40 years old, is a worker in Xinyuan Hotel, the immigration staff isolation Hotel, Shiling town, Huadu district, Shanghai. On the evening of October 15, Huadu District detected positive coronavirus nucleic acid when conducting routine health monitoring for the hotel staff. At 4 a.m. on the 16th, the review result of Shanghai provincial and municipal CDC was also positive.

Zhang Zhoubin introduced that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the provinces, cities and districts immediately carried out the epidemic treatment and epidemiological investigation. The investigation found that at 12:12 on October 12, Wang did not carry out protection according to the regulations when assisting some quarantine personnel in the isolation hotel to handle the express delivery. He only wore masks, gloves and shoe covers, disposable protective coveralls the clothes are not standard and have close communication with the isolation personnel. It was also on the 12th that quarantine personnel who had close contact with them were diagnosed as confirmed cases of covid-19. After comprehensive research and judgment by the expert group, the source of Wang’s infection should be the case of quarantined personnel, which can be judged as an overseas imported asymptomatic infected person.

Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that according to the current investigation and comprehensive judgment, the epidemic did not spread, and the disease control department would continue to conduct centralized medical isolation observation of close contacts in accordance with the regulations. Citizens are invited to continue to cooperate with the requirements of normalization prevention and control of the epidemic without panic, and do necessary personal protection.