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[Introduction]: How to register rental households in Shanghai census? How to check the renter?

Rental housing situation:

If the landlord’s account has not been moved in the rental house, the landlord and the tenant will be registered as two households.

The landlord only fills in the housing area and interval number of the unrented part. If all the houses are rented, the H5 residence type is “no housing”; The tenant fills in the actual rental housing area and interval number.

What coordination work should be done as a census object?

The population problem is a fundamental problem related to the country’s economic and social development. The development and change of population situation affects the country’s economic and social development and is closely related to individual and family life. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to collect basic population information, not only for the country but also for home.

The census objects should provide the information required for the census in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner in strict accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Law of the People’s Republic of China and the national census regulations, and answer relevant questions truthfully, do not provide false information, do not conceal or forge relevant information. It is hoped that the public can enthusiastically support the census work and actively cooperate with census takers to carry out investigations.