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[Introduction]: How do students register in the seventh census? Do you want to register for kindergarten? Can’t I check the primary school? Is junior high school boarder a school organization registration? Do high school boarder need to register at home?

Registration of students living in high school and below:

1. All children in kindergartens, students living in primary and junior high schools

If you are not registered in a kindergarten or a school, the existing population whose residence outside the school is often (usually the residence of their parents or guardians) will be registered.

2. High school boarder

As the existing population of the school, its domicile is registered according to the registered population.

How to deal with personnel without registered permanent residence?

All kinds of people without registered permanent residence (with Chinese nationality) can hold relevant certification materials, consult and declare at the local police station, and register registered permanent residence according to laws and regulations.

If you find that your or your family’s household registration content is incorrect or needs to be changed, how to handle it?

If the registered permanent residence registration items of citizens, such as changes in occupation, education level, marital status, or errors in the registered items need to be changed or corrected, please go to the local police station to change, correct to ensure that the residence booklet and resident ID card are consistent with my actual situation.