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[Introduction]: How to search the results of Shanghai nucleic acid test online? In the WeChat mini program of “state council client”, you can query the nucleic acid test results all over the country.

How to search Shanghai nucleic acid test results online?

The WeChat mini program of “client of the State Council” has launched the query function of nucleic acid and antibody test results of the new coronavirus. Every day, the information of nucleic acid test results is reported across the country and is constantly being updated and improved. This service is provided by the National Health Commission, and the data is authoritative and reliable! After reading it, remember to forward it to relatives, friends, community workers and other people who need it.

New coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody test results query entry:

After Real-name authentication login, enter “name + ID number”. After verification is successful, click “query now” to obtain nucleic acid and antibody test results.