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[Introduction]: on December 10, 2020, Dongning, Heilongjiang province added a local confirmed case. Shanghai adopts community health management for people from areas with local confirmed cases in China, and they need to receive nucleic acid tests on the same day.

Is it necessary to isolate a new local confirmed case from Dongning, Heilongjiang province to Shanghai?

On December 10, a new confirmed case of covid-19 was added to Dongning city, Heilongjiang province. According to the relevant staff of Shanghai government service Hotline 020-12345, Shanghai adopts community health management, issues a health notice, conducts a health inquiry, check the health code once and apply for nucleic acid test on the same day, and carry out 14-day home isolation medical observation according to the situation. Therefore, personnel from Mudanjiang city and Dongning city, Heilongjiang province may need to cooperate with epidemic prevention staff for nucleic acid testing.

Note: The specific isolation and nucleic acid detection measures shall be subject to the regulations of Shanghai health committee, and the Shanghai isolation policy consultation hotline is “020-12345”.

A new local confirmed case in Dongning, Heilongjiang province:

On December 10, 2020, Dongning city, Heilongjiang province added a new confirmed case of local covid-19.

Patient Kong Moumou, male, 40 years old, employee of the company, from Taihe county, Anhui province.

On December 9, the nucleic acid test of Dongning customs was positive, and the nucleic acid test of Mudanjiang center for disease prevention and control was positive. After expert consultation and comprehensive examination results, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case (light).

Mudanjiang city and Dongning city immediately launched three-level emergency response, organized professional teams of flow regulation, detection and elimination, and comprehensively carried out epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid detection, environmental elimination and on-site control and other measures.

At present, the close contacts that have been tracked and the close connection have been implemented centralized isolation observation and nucleic acid detection. Sealed and controlled personnel and environmental nucleic acid tests have been carried out in areas and places such as patients’ residence and activities. In the next step, we will continue to do a good job in tracing the epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid detection of relevant personnel, strictly implement the responsibility of territorial prevention and control, and do a good job in closed-loop management and various epidemic prevention work. At the same time, the general public are invited to do a good job of personal protection and cooperate with the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic.