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[Introduction]: is the 2020 Shanghai census checked door-to-door? Is the census checked every year? For the seventh time, the national population census staff were required to visit each household.

Is the 2020 Shanghai census a door-to-door investigation?

After the government trained the local census takers, the census takers went from house to house. If you are not at home, the census taker will leave contact information or make an appointment with you before going to the door.

The census work is organized and implemented in accordance with the principles of national unified leadership, division of labor and cooperation among departments, local hierarchical responsibility, and joint participation of all parties. The State Council led the national census work in a unified way and studied and decided major issues in the census. Local people’s governments at all levels shall, in accordance with the unified regulations and requirements of the State Council, lead the census work in their respective administrative regions.

During the census work, people’s governments at all levels set up Census institutions (hereinafter referred to as census institutions) composed of statistical agencies and relevant departments to be responsible for the organization and implementation of the census.

Villagers’ committees and residents’ committees shall assist the local people’s government in mobilizing and organizing social forces to do a good job in the census of the region. State organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions shall participate in and cooperate with the census work in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Law of the People’s Republic of China and these regulations.

Census objects: natural persons who are in the territory of the People’s Republic of China at the time of the census standard and Chinese citizens who are outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China but have not been settled, excluding those who stay outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China for a short period of time.

Census Content: name, citizen identification number, gender, age, nationality, education level, industry, occupation, migration, marriage, birth, death, housing situation, etc.