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[Introduction]: Huadu found a case of asymptomatic infection associated with overseas input. Are close contacts isolated? Did the nucleic acid test result come out? Is it negative or positive?

Nucleic acid results of close contacts:

At present, 68 people in close contact with them have all been observed in isolation medicine, of which 66 people have negative nucleic acid tests and 2 people have test results to be released.

Nucleic acid results of asymptomatic infected persons:

Wang Moumou is the staff of Xinyuan Hotel, the isolation hotel of inbound personnel in Huadu district, Shanghai. On October 5, the nucleic acid test was negative.

On October 15, Huadu district of Shanghai carried out regular inspection of the staff of the isolation hotel again. Wang Moumou’s nucleic acid test result was positive at the beginning and has been transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for isolation medical observation. At present, there is no fever, cough and other discomfort.

Activity track of asymptomatic infected persons:

“Health Huadu” said that Wang Moumou was still conducting a comprehensive investigation of his former activity site, and relevant information would be released to the public in a timely manner.