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[Introduction]: On November 11, Shanghai has not released the official news such as the area where the asymptomatic infected people live outside the home quarantine.

On November 11, which residential area is Shanghai home quarantine positive?

According to the news released by Shanghai health committee on November 12, a foreign woman who tested positive for nucleic acid during home isolation in Shanghai, 24 years old, set off from Morocco on October 18 and took QR1394, QR848, the OD612 flight flew to Shanghai on October 20 to enter the country. After sampling, the customs transferred it to the centralized isolation point according to the whole closed-loop management procedure, and the feedback of the new coronavirus nucleic acid was negative. On October 28, it was transferred to home isolation. On November 10, the community health service center door service follow-up sampled and tested positive for coronavirus nucleic acid and checked positive by the municipal CDC, which was transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for isolation treatment. The official did not announce the location of the woman’s home isolation community.

Netizen: The woman was found out from the isolation site when she came back from abroad and was sent directly to the hospital. There was no contact with other people, so there was no district.