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[Introduction]: On September 19, 202020 (Saturday), at 10:40-11:00 a.m., Shanghai will sing “pre-alarm, air alert, and release alarm” throughout the city “.

Notice of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on the city’s civil defense siren trial Ming and “Yangcheng Tiandun-2020” city civil air defense exercise (Sui Fu [2020] No. 7)

In order to enhance citizens’ awareness of national defense and air defense, according to the People’s Republic of China People’s Air Defense Law, Shanghai People’s Air Defense management regulations and other relevant provisions, the notice on matters related to Shanghai civil defense siren trial Ming and “Yangcheng Tiandun-2020” urban civil air defense exercise is as follows:

I. Time and range of civil defense siren trial ringing

On September 19, 2020, 10:40-11:00, a civil defense siren trial was conducted throughout the city of Shanghai. 10:40-10:43 try to sound the alert in advance; 10:50-10:53 try to sound air alert; 10:57-11:00 try to sound the alert.

II. Civil defense siren signal regulations

Pre-alarm: Sing for 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeat for 3 times, and the time is 3 minutes;

Air Alert: 6 seconds, 6 seconds, 15 times, 3 minutes;

Release the alarm: it will be played continuously for 3 minutes.

3. Civil defense siren signal (information) distribution

Shanghai city’s fixed alarm, motor civil defense siren vehicles and some multimedia multi-functional air defense disaster prevention and warning system, and at the same time issued civil defense siren signals; Shanghai Radio and Television integrated channel and news information broadcast (FM96.2MHz), jinqu Music Radio (FM102.7MHz), economic Traffic Radio (FM106.1MHz) channel, bus mobile TV and Shanghai subway TV will simultaneously send civil defense siren signals; China Telecom Shanghai branch, China Mobile Shanghai branch, china Unicom Shanghai branch, Shanghai emergency warning information release system and Shanghai very high frequency intelligent disaster prevention and emergency warning system will release civil defense siren trial information in a timely manner by means of mobile phone short messages, WeChat, Weibo, etc.

IV. Other matters

During the civil defense siren trial, in addition to organizing important economic target protection drills in Nanzhou water plant of Shanghai Water Supply Co., Ltd. and conducting military drills on evacuation and shelter in some communities, institutions, enterprises and schools, the city’s production, living order and social activities will be carried out as usual.