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[Introduction]: building 450, Hangcheng 7 Road, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai was upgraded to a risk area in the epidemic on November 23. If the personnel in the middle-risk areas of Shanghai come to the ear and return to the ear, the medical observation of home isolation shall be carried out for 14 days according to the situation.

According to the relevant requirements of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council, according to the research and decision of Shanghai epidemic prevention and control headquarters, on November 23, 450 District, Hangcheng 7 Road, Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai was listed as a medium risk area. Since November 22, 2020, the community of 126 Shunhe Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area has been listed as a medium risk area. On November 21, the Xinsheng community of Zhuqiao town, Pudong New Area and Huacheng community of Zhoupu town, Pudong New Area will be listed as medium risk areas, and the risk levels of other areas in Shanghai will remain unchanged. It is required that relevant personnel in the risk area should not leave Shanghai in principle, and those who really need to leave Shanghai need to hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

Do people who come back from the sea in November need not be isolated?

According to the epidemic prevention and control regulations issued by Shanghai Health and Health Commission and Shanghai Health and Health Commission, community health management will be implemented for those who have lived in medium-risk areas in the past 14 days, according to the situation, carry out 14-day medical observation of home isolation, namely “three ones”, issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry, and check a health pass code, nucleic acid test was conducted on the day of arrival in Shanghai.

It is suggested to consult your village, community and hotel in advance so that you can have enough time to prepare in advance.