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[Introduction]: Shanghai 2020 seventh census self-fill in? What is the self-reporting process for the census? The Seventh National Census of Shanghai will be paperless in the whole process.

The Seventh National Census in Shanghai will be paperless in the whole process, especially for the first time, the registration information of “self-reporting” has been added to the census, that is, to obtain relevant census data through the self-reporting of residents, residents only need to scan the QR code to fill in relevant information. This method is in line with the requirements of epidemic normalization prevention and control, guarantees the privacy of residents to the greatest extent, and effectively improves the efficiency and quality of census registration.

Fill in the report independently in the seventh census?

Steps of household self-reporting:

1. Open WeChat.

2. Scan your own QR code (provided by the examiner) or scan a public QR code.

3. Input: Fill in the code independently; Initial password (provided by the census taker. You do not need to enter this information if you scan the QR code of your household.)

4. Authorize the phone number to be bound.

5. Start filling in the census form.

6. Submit the report.