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[Introduction]: How does Shanghai obtain the self-reported code for the census? When is the self-reporting time of Shanghai census? Fill in?

From October 11 to December 10, Shanghai census takers will wear certificates issued by census agencies of people’s governments at or above the county level to carry out their work. If you choose to fill in your own form, please explain it when the census taker comes to the door and complete the form under the guidance of the census taker.

Shanghai 2020 seventh census self-reported related Q & A Summary

★The time when Shanghai’s seventh census was filled in independently

★Deadline for self-reporting of Shanghai census

★How can Shanghai obtain the self-reported code for the census?

★What can censors do in the self-reporting of Shanghai census?

★What should I do if I fill in the wrong information independently in Shanghai’s seventh census?

★Self-reporting process of the Seventh Census

★How to enter the independent declaration platform for the seventh National Census?