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[Introduction]: The latest regulations on immigration isolation in Shanghai in December 2020: Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign personnel entering Shanghai ports shall be subject to centralized isolation medical observation for 14 days.

I. Return to Shanghai from abroad, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Isolation: centralized isolation for 14 days

Nucleic acid detection: free nucleic acid detection

According to the “notice of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters on doing a good job in the normalization prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic (No. 9)”, the import of overseas epidemic is strictly prevented. Continue the policy of imported epidemic prevention and control outside China, and all inbound personnel from ports in Shanghai (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers) will be treated equally, regardless of destination, and all will be isolated on site for 14 days, implement full coverage free nucleic acid testing, and centrally isolate the cost of accommodation and accommodation. If it meets the management conditions of home health services, it shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

II. Return to Shanghai from Macao

Isolation: meets the conditions and does not require isolation.

Nucleic acid detection: nucleic acid detection at your own expense in advance

In addition, Macao announced on the evening of July 13 that through communication and negotiation between the governments of Guangdong and Macao, it was decided to resume normal personnel exchanges between Guangdong and Macao from 6 am on July 15, 2020, for those entering Shanghai province from Guangdong and Macao ports, they will no longer be subject to centralized isolation for 14 days. However, they must complete nucleic acid testing before entering the country and apply for “Macao health code” and “Guangdong health code 」, and convert the Macao health code to the Guangdong health code to obtain the customs clearance certificate.

Personnel entering Shanghai province from Macao must log on to the “Guangdong health code” every day and use the “Hong Kong and Macao immigration personnel health declaration” function to declare their personal health status within 14 days after entering the country. In addition, it is worth noting that the small partners who need to apply for endorsement business should first make an online reservation and then go to the lobby to get the queuing number. At present, the self-service endorsement equipment has not been opened, and the certificate and entry-exit endorsement need to go to the manual service window by appointment to apply.

The above measures are subject to the regulations of Shanghai health committee. Shanghai isolation Consultation telephone number: 020-12345.