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[Introduction]]:In order to enhance citizens’ awareness of national defense and air defense, civil defense siren trials were conducted throughout Guangzhou at 10:40-11:00 on September 18, 2021. For more information about questions and answers about civil defense siren, see the text section!

  Guangzhou civil defense siren voice online audition entrance

  1. Alert in advance

Regulation: 36 seconds, 24 seconds, 3 times, 3 minutes

Online Audition:Click to enter

  2. Air alert

Regulation: 6 seconds, 6 seconds, 15 times, 3 minutes

Online Audition:Click to enter

  3. Release the alarm

Regulation: Continuous singing for 3 minutes

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Guangzhou city’s fixed alarm, motor civil defense siren vehicles and some multimedia multi-function Air Defense disaster prevention and warning system, and at the same time issued civil defense siren signals; Guangzhou Radio and Television integrated channel and news information broadcast (FM96.2MHz), jinqu Music Radio (FM102.7MHz), economic Traffic Radio (FM106.1MHz) channel, bus mobile TV, Guangzhou Metro TV, will simultaneously issue civil defense siren signals; China Telecom Guangzhou branch, China Mobile Guangzhou branch, guangzhou branch of China Unicom, Guangzhou emergency warning information release system and Guangzhou very high frequency intelligent disaster prevention and emergency warning system will release civil defense siren trial warning information in a timely manner by means of mobile phone short messages, WeChat, Weibo, etc.