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[Introduction]: the communication travel card collects mobile phone signaling data and phone bill data. If the mobile phone does not use 4G traffic or make phone calls, the operator cannot obtain the data if it is connected to Wi-Fi all the time.

Shanghai communication travel card can’t find the travel data?

The “communication travel card” analyzes the mobile phone signaling data and phone bill data, so the premise of having travel data is that the user generates data during the process of using the mobile phone. If the user’s mobile phone has been connected to Wi-Fi, without 4G traffic or phone calls, the operator will not be able to obtain signaling and phone bill data, and naturally the travel data will not be analyzed.

Solution: In this case, you can try to make more calls, or close the Wi-Fi connection and use 4G traffic. If there is no problem, you can find the data the next day.

In order to avoid the position deviation caused by the coverage of base stations in adjacent cities, the travel card is set to meet the judgment condition of 4 hours as residence, and there are also tips when making phone calls: within one day, the earliest call records and the latest call records take more than 4 hours (for example, once at 7 a.m. and once at 12 noon) to meet the requirements and show the itinerary. The same principle applies to traffic usage.