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[Introduction]: common problems of communication travel card include missing travel, inaccurate data, how to check, and unable to receive verification code. In response to these common problems, the editor has sorted out the solutions and hopes to help you.

Q: What is a communication big data travel card “?

Answer: “Communication big data travel card” is a travel inquiry service jointly launched by China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Information and Communication Research Institute, you can provide users with free certificates of countries (regions) and domestic cities that I have visited in the past 14 days. Due to technical limitations and other reasons, local places can use travel card service as an auxiliary epidemic prevention and control management tool, but it is not recommended to use it as the only judgment basis. Please pay attention to the use risks when using it in different places, make adjustments based on the actual situation.

Q: How do I use the communication big data travel card “?

Answer: The query is initiated by the user. You can use mobile phone software (WeChat, Alipay, etc.) to scan the code to access the query page, or use WeChat or Alipay to search for the “communication travel card” to enter the mini program query, or log on to the communication travel card APP for query. You need to enter your mobile phone number and click obtain verification code for the first login. After the verification is successful, click query to return the query result. You can directly return the query result without verification for the second login.

Existing official query channels for communication big data travel card:

1) SMS query: send an SMS message CXMYD to the operator (Telecom 10000/mobile 10086/Unicom 10010) for query.

2) web page query.

3) mobile APP query.

4) WeChat or Alipay mini program query.

5) The State Council mini program or the national government service platform mini program jump query.

Q: Can everyone use the communication big data travel card?

A: Yes, as long as it is a user of any of the three operators of telecom, mobile and Unicom, it can use this service. However, the new card users can only use the itinerary query service after 14 days.

Q: What information does the communication big data travel card display?

Answer: The display information of “communication big data travel card” includes: User encrypted mobile phone number, travel information update time, color card, and all countries (regions) visited by users in the past 14 days. And stay in domestic cities for more than 4 hours. If there are cities with medium and high risk areas in the trip, the “*” Mark will also be added.

Q: What does the color of the travel card represent? What should I do if the color display is incorrect?

A: now all domestic city trips show green cards, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. If you have a trip to overseas countries and regions, yellow cards will be displayed. Currently, there are no yellow-GA and orange cards. The specific definition and determination rules will be set according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements issued by the government and adjusted in real time according to dynamic information. If you find that the color card is displayed incorrectly, you can contact the customer service of the operator to check.

Q: What are the rules for judging the city information recorded by the travel card? Will a city pass by train be recorded?

A: If you stay in a city for more than 4 hours, you will be judged as staying. For example, if you pass a city by train for no more than 4 hours, you will not be judged as a resident. If you turn off the machine and take a plane to pass over a city containing high-risk areas, you will not be recorded. If the travel calculation deviation caused by the coverage problem of the base station on the way, you can call the customer service phone number of the operator to feedback the problem.

Q: What does the asterisk “*” on the travel card mean?

A: The “*” mark in the upper-right corner of the visiting place indicates that the city currently has medium-or high-risk areas, and does not mean that the user has actually visited these medium-and high-risk areas.

* Note: The asterisk “*” has nothing to do with the user’s personal health status, and is only used as a prompt sign for cities in high-risk areas, which is convenient for management personnel to check.

Q: How long will the travel card star “*” disappear?

A: When you have traveled to cities that do not include high-risk areas within the past 14 days, the asterisk will disappear by itself.

Q: What is the update time of the city asterisk “*” mark in the travel card containing medium and high risk areas?

Answer: The asterisk mark will change according to the identification of epidemic prevention departments in high-risk areas and update according to the latest information released by local health committees. The data update will have a certain time difference and usually be synchronized within 24 hours.

Q: What if the itinerary query is not allowed? I haven’t been to place A/I have been to place B but it doesn’t show.

A: The travel card service uses base station data. In order to ensure continuous communication and achieve dead zone free coverage, the signals of the two base stations at the junction of administrative divisions may cross coverage, as a result, the mobile phone may use the base station signals of adjacent cities without roaming. In addition, staying in a city for less than 4 hours will not be recorded. Overseas travel records require you to activate the international roaming service during your stay abroad. During the epidemic, the query information of the travel card can be used as an auxiliary reference basis for local management, but it is not recommended as the only judgment basis. If the result is seriously deviated, please contact the customer service of the operator in time for verification.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find the itinerary?

Answer: The Travel Card analyzes the mobile phone signaling data and call ticket data, so the premise of travel data is that you generate these signaling and call ticket data during the process of using the mobile phone. If you encounter this problem, you can try to make more calls or close the Wi-Fi connection to use 4G traffic. Usually, you can find the data the next day. In addition, if you are a telephone number portability user, there is a time difference between user information synchronization and travel calculation, and the calculation of travel information will be delayed by 1-2 days.

* Note: In order to avoid position deviation caused by the coverage of base stations in adjacent cities, the travel card is set to meet the judgment condition of 4 hours as residence, and there are also tips when calling: within one day, the earliest call records and the latest call records take more than 4 hours (for example, once at 7 a.m. and once at 12 noon) to meet the requirements and show the itinerary. The same principle applies to traffic usage.

Q: Why can’t I receive the SMS verification code or prompt “failed to send SMS”?

A: You can judge by the following questions: Is there any software interception or SMS receiving blacklist? Is the mobile phone in arrears? Is the network signal in the current location good? Have you actively banned value-added services? In addition, if the number of requests in a short period of time may cause SMS congestion (such as peak hours) during peak hours, we recommend that you wait for a period of time and try again.

If all the above problems have been solved and you still cannot receive the verification code, please contact the customer service of the operator immediately. In addition, it is recommended to download the mobile APP version of “communication travel card”. The APP provides a one-click login service, which saves the process of sending and receiving verification codes.

Q: What is the update time of my travel information?

A: The data of the previous 14 days will be updated uniformly from 8 to 10 every morning. The calculation of the user’s itinerary within the first 14 days is completed in the background of the operator. As a result, there will be a one-day delay, for example, on September 15, we found the travel data within 14 days before September 15 (between 0:00 on September 1 and 24:00 on September 14).

Q: Why can “communication big data travel card” accurately prove my position?

Answer: “Communication big data travel card” analyzes mobile phone signaling data, which is obtained through the base station location where the user’s mobile phone is located. The collection, transmission and processing of signaling data are highly automated, and it has extremely strict security and privacy protection mechanism, with high authenticity and accuracy.

Q: What types of mobile phone numbers do travel cards support?

A: Currently, the travel card can support the inquiry of general mobile phone numbers, one card and more mobile phone numbers, and telephone number portability mobile phone numbers of the three major domestic operators (China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom); mobile phone number query of overseas operators is not supported; Mobile phone number query of virtual operators is not fully supported, and the accuracy of query results is not guaranteed.

Q: What is the contact information of the customer service?

A: If you cannot open the webpage, cannot receive the verification code, or have problems with the itinerary query during use, please call the customer service hotline of the operator immediately, or the telecom 10000/mobile 10086/Unicom 10010 you are familiar.

Note: There may be deviations in the service data of the travel card. Please pay attention to the use risks when using it in different places and make adjustments according to the actual situation. As a public welfare service, users can use the itinerary card to prove their own itinerary. The management department can use the data of the travel card as a reference, but if the user cannot find the data or the query result does not match the actual travel during the travel inspection process, it is suggested that the inspection results can be comprehensively judged based on the tickets, air tickets or other certification materials provided by users.