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[Introduction]]:Is there a new epidemic in Huadu district, Guangzhou? Are there any new confirmed cases? What is the situation of Huadu now?

  Update Time: October 19

  Traceability analysis has been completed to confirm that the source of infection is from overseas foreigners.

Today (October 18), the disease control department has completed the tracing analysis of Wang’s gene sequencing of Huadu asymptomatic infected person. From the perspective of evolutionary relationship, the viral gene sequence of Wang Mou infected with asymptomatic Huadu in Guangzhou is highly homologous with the viral gene sequence of imported cases found in the isolation hotel where Wang Mou works, and the main mutation sites are completely consistent. This result is completely consistent with the previous epidemiological survey results.

Therefore, it can be absolute affirmations that Wang’s infection comes from the imported cases of isolated hotels.

  The investigation of key areas has ended, with a total of 148295 people being investigated.

  Nucleic acid test results are all negative

Guangzhou city has completed the investigation of personnel in key areas on October 17, and is willing to inspect the adjacent areas. As of 7 o’clock on October 18, a total of 148295 people should be inspected, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative. The external environment test results of Wang’s activity track are also negative. In addition, the centrally isolated close contacts are in good health at present, and the disease control department will continue to do a good job in medical observation.

Citizens still need to do personal protection, don’t be careless, and don’t panic.

Under the joint disposal of provinces, cities and districts, the on-site disposal has been completed, the epidemic has not spread, the prevention and control has achieved good results, and citizens do not need to panic. However, it is also suggested again that the prevention and control of the new Crown epidemic has entered the normal state. Citizens still need to do the necessary personal protection and cooperate with the corresponding prevention and control measures.

  The latest news of the epidemic on October 17:

On October 16, Guangzhou municipal health committee announced the epidemic situation.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on October 16, 2 new asymptomatic infected patients were added, of which 1 was an overseas imported asymptomatic infected person.

  Add details of asymptomatic infected persons associated with overseas input:

Male, 41 years old, native of Hunan, permanent residence in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, entry staff isolated hotel staff, daily living in the hotel staff dormitory. On October 15, when carrying out routine health monitoring for the hotel staff, Huadu District tested positive for coronavirus nucleic acid, which was transferred to Huadu District People’s Hospital for isolation and observation. On that day, Huadu district CDC tested positive for nucleic acid again, in the early morning of October 16, the provincial and municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed positive, which was transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Guangzhou for isolation treatment.

According to epidemiological investigation, the infected person did not carry out protection in accordance with the regulations when assisting some quarantine personnel in the isolation hotel to handle express delivery on October 12,Only wear masks, no gloves or shoe covers, disposable protective coveralls wear non-standard, and have close communication with quarantine personnel. On the 12th, quarantine personnel who had close contact with them were diagnosed as confirmed cases of covid-19. At present, the infected person has no symptoms such as fever and cough, and there is no abnormality in CT Examination. It has been judged by the expert group as an overseas imported asymptomatic infected person.

By 7:00 on the 17th, the dormitory and related activity venues of the infected person had been finally disinfected. 170 close contacts were identified and nucleic acid test results were detected.All are negative. 136 close contacts identified close contacts, nucleic acid test resultsAll are negative. For the above-mentioned personnel, a total of 306 per personCentralized isolation medical observation has been taken..

  Expand the scope of investigation: 116121 people have been tested and the test results are all negative.

In response to the epidemic, the disease control department quickly took the following measures: first, quickly identify and centrally isolate close contacts, and second, aiming at Wang’s activity track after October 1, 12 key sites were identified and investigations were carried out around these 12 key sites, and the residents of 5 villages, 1 residence committee and 1 Scenic Spot involved in key places should be inspected thoroughly. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the disease control department also appropriately expanded the scope of investigation and added several neighboring villages.

  Risk assessment of prevention and control: the scope of activities of infected persons is limited, and the epidemic does not spread.

What is the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou? Zhang Zhoubin introduced that because Wang had been tested for nucleic acid on October 5, the result was negative; However, after he was exposed to the new Crown nucleic acid positive entry personnel on December 12, only three days later, it was discovered in time through routine health monitoring of isolated hotels. During the three days from October 12-15, Wang’s scope of activities was relatively limited. In order to ensure safety, the disease control department extended the backtracking investigation time to October 1.

Zhang Zhoubin said that according to the current investigation situation, according to the comprehensive judgment, the epidemic has not spread, and the disease control department will continue to do a good job of centralized medical isolation observation of close contacts in accordance with the regulations. Citizens are invited to continue to cooperate with the requirements of normalization prevention and control of the epidemic without panic, and do necessary personal protection.