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[Introduction]: The Seventh Census can adopt the online self-declaration method! So when did the 7th National Census Report start in 2020?

The time when the 7th Shanghai census was filled in independently in 2020

Self-filling time: October 11, 202020-november 5

The seventh census can adopt the online self-declaration method, which can be declared independently. The self-declaration has a time limit, and it needs to be carried out through special declaration channels. Citizens and friends can choose to declare independently.

The main contents of the seven-person general survey include: name, resident identity card number, gender, age, nationality, education level, industry, occupation, migration, marriage, birth, death, housing situation, etc. The census object needs to prepare identity documents, learn about the present address of family members in advance, and wait for the census.

The census survey began on October 11 and ended on October 31. At this stage, the census takers had to go into the streets and lanes, and conduct field surveys door by door to find out the number and specific location of housing in each region, you should also enter the household, conduct a census, ask about the registration method, and understand the general situation of the indoor personnel.

The census registration began on November 1 and lasted until December 10. The census taker should enter the household and register the census information item by item.