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[Introduction]: there is a new asymptomatic infected person in Huadu district, Shanghai. Where has this asymptomatic infected person been? Have you ever taken a bus or a subway?

On October 15, 202020, Huadu district of Shanghai conducted regular inspections on the staff of the isolation hotel, and found that one case of coronavirus nucleic acid was screened positive, and it was reviewed as asymptomatic infected on 16th. According to the epidemiological investigation and laboratory test results, experts preliminarily judged that it was associated with imported cases abroad.

On October 16, Wang Moumou said in an interview that he had received inbound personnel in the hotel. During that period, he went upstairs to send express delivery, and then he became infected. He claimed that he had never taken buses or subways in October 1-15.

Interview content:

Q: During the period from 1st to 15th, have you ever left the local area?

Wang Moumou: No, I have never taken a bus or a subway. I travel by motorcycle. It was on the 8th and 9th (the driver of mocha), and (the 10th and 11th) I didn’t do it these two days (the driver of mocha). On the 10th, they (inbound personnel) checked into the hotel. On the 12th of the 11th, they might be infected. They might have sent the courier to the hotel. I put it in front of him (inbound personnel).

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