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[Introduction]: What are the contents of the 2020 Shanghai census? The editor collected relevant information about the seventh population census in Shanghai for everyone.

What are the contents of the 2020 Shanghai census?

The census mainly investigates the basic situation of Population and Households, including: name, citizen identification number, gender, age, nationality, education level, industry, occupation, migration, marriage, birth, death, housing situation, etc.

The national census is not the population registered by the public security bureau, but the actual resident population registered by the census takers to the residential area. In the census, no matter whether dao has a registered permanent residence, only natural persons living in China need to apply for census registration.

It is necessary for the census taker to enter the household to inquire, fill in the report on the spot, or fill in the report independently by the Census object.

Shanghai census online independent reporting process:

1. Enter the census filling entrance (census self-filling test training mini program)

2. After entering the page, we must fill in the household items first, including household type, residence type, housing area and number of living rooms.

3. After filling in the household project, fill in the personal information of the household members. Please fill in the order of “head of household → spouse → children → other individuals”.