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[Introduction]: What are the new highlights of Shanghai’s seventh census in 2020? Why does this census need to collect ID card numbers?

What are the new highlights of Shanghai’s Seventh Census 2020? Compared with the previous census, what is the biggest difference between this census?

1. Collection of new ID card numbers

2. You can fill in the form on the Internet.

3. Electronic input method

4. Use departmental administrative records and big data to carry out comparison and verification

Why do I need to collect my ID card number?

The collection of ID card numbers will be used for information comparison and verification to prevent people from misfilling and missing information. At the same time, many legal provisions will ensure the information security of everyone, and the census taker has also signed a confidentiality agreement, personal and family information is kept strictly confidential throughout the census.

Why do you want to investigate housing information?

By collecting housing information, the state understands people’s living conditions, living facilities, rent levels, etc., so as to formulate various policies to improve living conditions.