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[Introduction]: What can the census taker do in the self-reporting of the 2020 Shanghai census? The household survey of the Seventh National Census in Shanghai will begin at 0:00 on October 11.

Shanghai’s seventh national census will be fully launched at 0:00 on November 1, 2020. Starting from 0:00 on October 11, the home mapping work officially began. Shanghai has completed the preliminary preparations for the establishment of census institutions, the formulation of plans, pilot projects, zoning mapping, selection of instructors and general examiners, etc. Since yesterday, the city’s 80,000 census instructors and census takers will begin to investigate and register their homes.

What can the examiner do for you in the self-filling?

Even if you choose to fill in your own form during the census, the census taker will still provide you with services. Please keep the contact information of the census taker when the census taker comes to check the registration. When you encounter problems that you do not understand or are not sure when filling in your own form, don’t hesitate to contact the census taker in your area immediately for inquiries.

The problem of large residence of census objects

The census object has two or more residences and usually lives (for example, living in one place at work and another place on weekends). If the registered residence is registered in one of the residences, then, the place will be used as the current place of residence, registered as “consistent people and households”, and the rest of the residences will be registered as vacant rooms.

If the registered permanent residence is not registered in these residences, the residence that has lived for a long time will be regarded as its current residence for registration, as “the person is not present in the household (D7 = 1,D81)”, the rest of the residences are registered as vacant rooms; If it is impossible to determine where to live for a longer period of time, the residence on the night of October 31 will be registered as the current residence. All housing projects such as housing construction area and interval number shall be filled in according to the registered residence.