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[Introduction]: What conditions do you need to go to Shanghai in Hangu Street, Tianjin? Tianjin Hangu Street was promoted to a risk area in the epidemic at 24 o’clock on November 9. Shanghai Municipal Health Committee has not announced the specific regulations on the coming of people from Hangu Street in Tianjin.

According to the research and judgment of Tianjin prevention and control headquarters and the approval of Tianjin prevention and control leading group, Hangu Street, Binhai New Area will be held from 24 o’clock on November 9, 2020, zone A and Zone B of the cold chain logistics zone of the Central Fishing Port are designated as medium risk areas. The risk level of other regions in Tianjin remains unchanged.

What conditions do you need to go to Shanghai on Hangu Street in Tianjin?

Relevant regulations have not been published. However, according to the relevant regulations issued by Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission on the return of people from medium-risk areas, to implement community health management, namely “three ones”, to issue a health notice and carry out a health consultation for those who have a history of living in medium-risk areas in the past 14 days, check a health pass code, and conduct nucleic acid test on the day of arrival in Guangdong, and implement home isolation for 14 days depending on the specific situation.

The specific regulations shall be subject to the news of Shanghai Municipal Health Committee, and the official hotline: 020-12345.

Fan enclosure map of Hangu Street, Tianjin

The nucleic acid test of all employees in Hangu Street, Tianjin was negative.

On November 11, the nucleic acid test of all employees in Hangu Street, Binhai New Area, Tianjin has been completed, and the results are all negative. Since Hangu Street announced its upgrade to a medium-risk area, Hangu Street in Tianjin completed full nucleic acid sampling in 24 hours. The registered population of Hangu Street is 77,000, but the actual residence (including temporary residence) and sampling personnel are more than 65,000 during the period. In the early morning of today, all the test results were released and all were negative.